International students have right to work part-time while studying in Poland. This applies to all students, including those who are in Poland for the first time, those who are enrolled in the first year of a university program, and those who are enrolled full-time in a language school. 20hrs work permitted during studies as well as 3 months of full time work during holidays. Full time work is permitted for those who have valid Residence Card. Students who are not nationals of EU member countries must also hold a valid residency permit.


Students from member countries of the European Union may work in Poland without restriction after they graduate.  As a graduate of a Polish higher education institution full-time program, you will not need a work permit, but a valid Residence Card. Graduates can stay in Poland for further 2-3 years as long as they can prove that they can financially support themselves without seeking any government benefits. Students who obtain a job or accept employment can obtain a Work Permit.

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