This site provides regular and mobility students and coordinators with relevant contents (English) on the Warsaw Management University (WMU), practical and general information for exchange students, on the ECTS system, but also, and most importantly, on the degree courses (1st and 2nd cycle levels) offered by WMU.

In this way, we hope to contribute to the decision processes of our international partners and to help students and coordinators to set up more easily the learning agreements.

The ECTS Information Package is one of the fundamental tools for the realisation of the European higher education area given that one of its major functions is to promote the transparency of information, the recognition of study programmes and degrees, and also to stimulate the student mobility among higher education institutions.

General Requirements for Application

  • Must be a student at a partner university
  • Must have completed one year of studies at the home institution
  • Must have been selected and nominated by the home institution

After receiving the home university’s confirmation, students can apply by filling and send via email erasmus@wsm.warszawa.pl  the forms bellow:

Application Documents

Application deadlines

Autumn semester: 31. May
Spring semester: 30. November

After both the home university and WMU have approved the mobility, you can start arranging practical matters for your exchange.

The most important next steps are:

  • Getting an insurance covering at least accidents and acute illnesses;
  • Notify WMU of your arrival date via email erasmus@wsm.warszawa.pl